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Sea Container Gallery
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A Sea Container converted into a portable gallery

Following on from the success of The Pallet House The Earth Awards asked us to come up with a gallery solution for the 2011 Start Festival at Clarence House. We wanted to use a-re cycled sea container and create something that could be used again and again. At first Clarence House wasn’t sure about having a sea container on the lawn so we turned the concept in to a sea-through gallery with a green roof making it as invisible as possible. The roof was wildflower meadow turf and lighting was low voltage led so it could be run from a solar panel.

After the exhibition we donated the gallery to Coleford Town Council in the Forest of Dean for community use.

We have since been asked to create a similar permanent installation for a charity to be used as a children’s nature look out. This time the container has shutters that come down when not in use to make it vandal proof and when they are up it has 360 degree viewing and timber clad sides as well as the green roof and rainwater harvesting. We will put the images up when we have finished it.

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