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Hydro Connect Festival
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Hydro Connect Festival

Scottish Hydro and SSE were the main sponsors of the Hydro Connect festival in Scotland. They asked us to come up with two fun sustainable water based concepts that would engage the festival goers.

We designed and built a trailer mounted campsite shower facility. The unit was solar heated and the shower was powered by a second person cycling a bicycle attached to a water pump. The portholes allowed interaction between both people and in particular allowed the screams to be heard across the site as freezing cold water was pumped over friends and strangers alike. Although it was the middle of the summer there was no sun whatsoever – but hats off to the Scotts – they loved it and queued all day to have a go.

The second piece was a timed cycle powered water pumping competition - how far can you pump the water up the 5m high tube in 60 seconds – The overall winner won an electric bike.  Again people queued all day and we took hundreds of e-mail addresses and contact details.

Both set ups had good local press coverage as well as great independent youtube video exposure.

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